General questions? 

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Wednesday: C - ROAD RIDE

Road Ride - Challenging and fun, followed by beer. Slower rider can break off.

​Location: Blade and Branch Brewery, 17 Bradco Street at 5:30

25-30 miles - Expectation of riders: Up for some challenging hills.

Regrouping: No drop

Dan Rowland -

Thursday: D - ROAD RIDE

Pleasant, inclusive ride.

Location: Troy Depot
15-25 miles - Expectation of riders: Should have basic safety skills, average pace 12+ mph                 Regrouping:  Yes                                    
Karen Fabianski -        

Tiffany Mannion -

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Group Rides

NEW RIDERS RIDE* (start June 10)  2nd Sundays 6 pm

Kriff Rd. parking lot, Keene State Athletic Field
Gentle rides, all about 10 miles, building roadway confidence with safe-driving techniques
Tiffany Mannion -


Road Ride - Non-competitive paceline - Cohesive group - Not a casual social ride - Rider expectation: Well behaved, safe, aware, open to leaning, vigorous pace,  

25-35 miles - Steady 15+mph - Regrouping: Frequently

Monadnock Food Co-op at 5:30pm (park east end of lot after 5pm)

Amy Loewenthal -

Tuesday:  B - ROAD RIDE

Road Ride -  Fast pace - Not a social ride

Location: YMCA parking lot -  at 5:30pm

30-50 miles - Expectation of riders: Paceline competence. Regrouping: On hills

Mike Gianferrari -

​Dave Bergeron -


Gravel and rail trail, if you don't like car traffic and like long rides this is you. 

Location: 365Cycles , Main Street at 5:30pm

30 miles - Expectation of riders: Ride for 2.5 hours, 33mm CX or MTB tires

Regrouping: Occasionally

Tim Trotter -

This ride will begin May 31st.