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Meet MCC's Board of Directors

MCC President: Dan McInerney

By Jan Allardt on 2023-03-20 updated 2023-04-24

Hi, I am Dan McInerney, a long time cyclist, former tugboat captain and retired admiralty lawyer, and the current President of MCC. I reside deep in the woods of Marlow, NH with my significant other.  My hope for MCC is continuing to help the club grow, have more rides throughout the Monadnock Region. I look forward to seeing many of you out riding, and socializing after our rides.

MCC Vice President, & Events Committee: Aiden Jasmin

By Jan Allardt on 2023-03-20 updated 2023-04-24

 I'm Aiden Jasmin, a Monadnock Region native, who enjoys road and gravel riding. I typically ride with the A group and my favorite place to ride in the region is Alstead and Walpole. 

MCC Secretary: Mark Duffield

By Mark Duffield on 2023-03-20 updated 2023-04-23

Hi, My name is Mark Duffield.  I am currently serving at the Secretary of the Board.  I started riding bicycles when I was 5 or 6, and have never stopped.  I've build several of my own bicycles, and am an active bicycle commuter.  I am currently Sr. Director for IT and Informatics at a biotech startup in Cambridge, MA, and spend most of my time in Jaffrey NH.

MCC Web Manager & Fund Raising: Jan Allardt

By Jan Allardt on 2023-03-20 updated 2023-04-23

Hi, I'm Jan Allardt.  I manage the club's website along with our Web Master Bruce Wells..  I'm also have undertaken Fundraising and Sponsorship for the club.  You can usually find me on my road bike in and around the Keene Valley.  Last year I joined a few others in riding all 40 towns in the Monadnock Region, and had a blast exploring new roads.  The rides can be found in our club rides library and on the ride schedule.  When I'm not on my road bike, I'm enjoying the local gravel routes, and or a easy ride in the woods with our dog, Orly.


MCC Treasurer: Chad Swahnberg

By Chad Swahnberg updated 2023-05-09

Keene native Chad Swahnberg is currently MCC's Treasurer. He worked in NYC in advertising and media production for too long, and subsequently was a network admin until he recruited a more competent successor, and now worries himself about network security.  In addition to cycling the sublime Monadnock region, he loves skiing, open-water swimming, and conjuring discordant tones from stringed instruments. He's also proud father of MCC member Lily Swahnberg. Recruiting new MCC members is a prime goal

(MCC Treasurer: Chad Swahnberg continues ...)
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