Upcoming Rides

  • Sunday, July 3, 2022
    • 3P
      40ish before the Fireworks
      Daniel McInerney

      So, first, credit due, where it is due. The concept of riding 40 for the Fourth of July was created by Karen. She owns it. I am only borrowing it for this ride.

      This ride is starting at Outlaw Brewing in Winchester. When we are finished with the ride, we can all enjoy some refreshing beverages and maybe solid nourishment. The beer and food at Outlaw has been pretty good in my experience. And for those of you that are not beer drinkers, I know Outlaw now has some other beverages available. The current tap list has a Raspberry Seltzer with 5% ABV and there are non-alcoholic beverages such as a lemonade.

      The ride is fairly flat, with one really long climb from Northfield to Warwick Massachusetts. As I think we will have riders of varying ability, we will regroup fairly often.

      And as always, safety is the most important thing. We like to see our riders make sure the lights, and I mean more than one light, are working, and bright cycling jerseys so lights or no lights people that are driving can see you. Follow the traffic rules, etc., etc. Yes, I am a broken record in this regard.

      Hope to see a bunch of riders there. If you can make the ride, but not stay for fireworks, great. If you cannot make the ride, but can join us later, also great.

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