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  • Wednesday, May 25, 2022
    • 5:30P
      Wicked Wednesday visits Mama
      Daniel McInerney

      Wicked Wednesday will roll from a new location this week, the Keene Airport. Yes, not one of our usualt spots, but at the Airport is Mam McDonough's Irish Pub, and they do have a selection of beer. They also have a selecton of other beverages for those who would prefer something other than beer. The kitchen will be open until 8:00, but if you would like to eat after the rides and know what you would like to eat, please tell the staff before the ride. If you want to know more: Sign In

      The C+ ride will head south to Whitcomb, Carlton and Webber Hill Roads, then Hale Hill and south on Route 32, until we reach Fish Hatchery. Onto Fish Hatchery, then climb to Route 119, right on 119, then right on Route 32 (Old Homestead) and take that all the way back to Swanzey Center and the Keene Airport, end with a left oin Airport Road.

      We will regroup at Carlton, the end of Hale Hill and the four corners in Richmond. I will be out driving the route tomorrow to check for any spots at which I think we need to use particular care, but I know we shouldall be careful around Webber Hill.

      Hope we see a good group out riding Wednesday.

      Stay safe, and keep pedaling.

  • Thursday, May 26, 2022
    • 5:30P
      The Classic
      Daniel Rowland

      The Classic

      Bingham Hill with the Pond Rd bonus.

      When: 5/26/22

      Where: Modest Man Brewing

      Time: 5:30pm

      Re-Group: Yes

      1: Intersection area of 9 and 10.

      2: Bottom of Bingham Hill

      3: River Rd and `12A

      4: Top of Pond.

      This is just the overview of the route. Actual route link is below.

      We will leave Modest Man head up Washington till we hit 9 climb 9 till we reach 10 left onto 10, climb Bingham Hill decent and left onto river rd area till we reach 12a then right onto Pond Rd till we reach Old Walpole Rd and then take that back to court st all the way back into Keene till we reach Modest Man.

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