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By Jan Allardt on 2023-03-19 updated 2023-05-13


  • MCC BRIDGES AND BREWERIES RIDE 6/24/2023 10 AM, (Parking lot near Keene NH DMV)
  • MCC ANNUAL END OF SEASON RIDE & LUNCH 9/16/2023  12:30 pm at Granita Enoteca, 51 Railroad Street, Keene, NH
  • MCC GOBBLE UP 11/4/2023

See the Events page and the Ride Schedule as the dates approach for more details.

  • Monadnock Cycling Club's Annual Bridges and Breweries Ride 2023
    Saturday, June 24

    Monadnock Cycling Club's Annual Bridges and Brewery's Bike Ride 2023:

    MCC Members will meet in the East side parking lot of the Center of Keene around 10AM.
    This parking lot just off Emerald and School Streets in Keene NH.
    Cyclists will start making their way to the Keene Bike path around 10:30.

    This is a fun ride not a race, take your time and enjoy the ride.

    Be careful and aware of road conditions and hazards. This ride has paved and dirt roads with some climbing and descents.

    The full ride is 55+ miles with nine breweries, four covered bridges and two bike bridges, and another bridge by Sweet Waters Distillery. All together crossing over the Ashuelot River six times.

    The 40 Mile Route piggybacks the 30 Mile Route until Rt 32. 

    Then head over to Swanzey Lake and Westport where you merge into the same route as the 55+mile ride. With 4 covered bridges and 7 breweries.

    The overlap allows shorter distance riders the opportunity to ride with friends opting to go the full distance.

    There is an abbreviated route that will take you about 30 miles. With 6 breweries, two covered bridges and two bike bridges.

    Time check for the full ride…. This is to give you an Idea of the travel time by bike to each of the breweries at an average speed of 16mph.

    1. Roll out from Elm City at 10:30 AM to Nye Hill in Roxbury 40 minutes.
    2. Nye Hill Brewery to the Frogg in Marlborough 15 minutes.
    3. Frogg to Granite Roots Brewery in Troy 25 minutes.
    4. Granite Roots Brewery to Outlaw in Winchester 65 minutes.
    5. Outlaw Brewery to West LA 35 minutes.
    6. West Lower Ashuelot to Branch and Blade 25 Minutes
    7. Branch and Blade to Modest Man 10 Minutes
    8. Modestman to Elm City in Keene 5 minutes

    If you stay an average of 15 minutes a stop you will finish at Elm City at 4:15pm +/-

    All breweries will have water on hand, and food can be attained at stops 4, 6, 7, 8, and at the end at Elm City Brewery which has a nice patio.

    Please sign up for your level of ride and distance on the RIDES page.  It helps us coordinate all the riders.

    All routes will be posted in the RIDES page as mapped with RidewithGPS.

    In case of rain look at Sunday June 25, plan your ride according to the Brewery schedules.

    Enjoy and be safe.


    (This is a members only ride.  All particiapnts must be current members of the Monadnock Cycling Club at the time of participation.  No exceptions.)

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